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AlphaCard is meeting the need of their customers to avoid unfair costs or hidden fees while traveling by providing safe and completely anonymous debit cards,Bitcoin Debit Card no verification with an International Bank Account Number (IBAN).

These prepaid Visa ATM cards with IBAN are accepted anywhere in the world that major cards are accepted, and AlphaCard offers worldwide delivery. Because AlphaCard always has cards currently in stock, cards can be shipped the day after an order is placed. AlphaCard offers standard delivery, but the quickest option to obtain a card is the Express AirMail service, which will take approximately three to five business days.

AlphaCard serves more than 18,256 individuals in 92 countries, helping them make a combined total of 152,743 weekly transactions.

Using AlphaCard is also the quickest and easiest method for cashing out Bitcoins. Clients can convert their Bitcoins whenever they need them, topping up their AlphaCard with Bitcoin and then withdrawing cash from an ATM.

Customers can pay for a prepaid Bitcoin card quickly and easily. The Bitcoin debit card can be reloaded through Bitcoin instantaneously with a low 1 percent fee. AlphaCard enables their customers to shop anywhere, as it is simple and fast to load and exchange the prepaid card with funds from a Bitcoin Wallet.

Because the IBAN is unique, customers can also reload their cards through a BankWire Transfer with the same 1 percent fee.

There are no monthly service fees, and customers can make nearly unlimited cash withdrawals from ATMs, no matter where they are. A client’s privacy is AlphaCard’s top priority, which is why it is protected at all times, with no ID required.

Along with free SMS notifications, clients will also have access to an online control panel to manage their card transactions. All prepaid card transactions will be displayed in the online control panel, empowering clients to track their deposits, payments and withdrawals anytime.

Best of all,AlphaCard Bitcoin debit cards work offline, online and internationally, empowering customers to use them conveniently at businesses around the globe. Essentially, AlphaCard’s anonymous debit cards function the same as an offshore bank account.

AlphaCard prides itself on truly transparent pricing and limits, providing customers with the following breakdown of costs:

Card price: $129

Standard worldwide delivery: $10

Express worldwide delivery: $29

International ATM Transaction: $1

Monthly service fee: None

Loading fee: 1%

Account limits:

Value of online transactions: unlimited

Third-party loads: available

Single ATM transaction limit: $2,500

Daily ATM withdrawal limit: $7,500

Maximum single top-up value: $10,000

Maximum load per day: $50,000

Maximum lifetime load: unlimited

Maximum lifetime unload: unlimited

Number of loads per day: unlimited

ATM transactions per day: 10

When a customer loads their card for the first time, it will be activated automatically. The minimum amount to load on a card is $200.

For any concerns or support issues related to their cards, the AlphaCard support team is always standing by to answer questions.

To learn more and order a Bitcoin Debit Card no verification, visit https://alphacard.me/.

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