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Bitcoin Debit Card with no verification, While the use of Bitcoin is growing, it is far from a viable means of making purchases everywhere. One may have Bitcoin funds that he or she wishes to spend, but with the lack of having the ability to do so, it makes it hard (or impossible) to use the funds for necessary or desired purchases.

To overcome the issue of most places not accepting unconverted Bitcoin, it first needs to be converted to a medium method of payment that is commonly accepted, such as, for instance, a Bitcoin debit card based on Bitcoin funds, such as the one offered by Alphacard.


Alphacard is an anonymous debit card with IBAN. It provides a commonly accepted medium in most modern online and brick-and-mortar businesses. This debit card is able to be refilled with funds from Bitcoin, being converted into a means of payment most common in today’s world.

Besides being accepted anywhere that Visa cards are, Alphacard is available and usable worldwide, and can easily have its funds managed online. It is a Bitcoin Debit Card with no verification or ID required to obtain or use, charges no monthly service fees, contains no unfair or hidden surcharges, allows for unlimited ATM cash withdrawals, and provides helpful SMS based communication about any transactions.

Alphacard is very easy to reload via Bitcoin with just a 1% charge, with reloads permitted via third-party reload (through BankWire Transfer) for the same nominal fee.

Costs and Limits

One of Alphacard’s key appeals is the lack of hidden fees. All prices and limitations are clearly stated.

Card Fees And Costs

  • No monthly service fee
  • 1% reloading fee
  • International ATM Transactions ($1)
  • Standard worldwide delivery ($10)
  • Express worldwide delivery ($29)
  • Card Cost ($129)

Limits On The Account

  • Maximum Lifetime Load and Unload (Unlimited)
  • Daily loads (Unlimited)
  • 10 ATM Transactions daily
  • Value of online transaction (Unlimited)
  • Available Third-Party Loads
  • $2,500 limit on a single ATM transaction
  • $7,500 limit on daily withdrawals from the ATM
  • $10,000 Maximum single top-up value
  • $50,000 Maximum daily load

Current Users And Features

The Alphacard debit cards are currently used across 92 different countries with a total of 18,000+ cardholders, and nearly 153,000 weekly transactions between them.

Alphacard has multiple allures that speak to its rising popularity. The convenience of loading Bitcoin funds to the card and using it to shop anywhere that debit card Visa is accepted is certainly the primary convenience.

The card works both online and offline, as well as internationally so customers can use their Bitcoin funds to shop in online marketplaces all over the world. The worldwide aspect also applies to withdrawals from ATMs which allow for ATM withdrawals of cash anywhere in the world as well.

There are no significant wait times for delivery either, with the express delivery option taking a mere 3 to 5 business days in which the Alphacard can arrive in the user’s possession.

Why Using Alphacard Is Simple

Bitcoin is a great investment but with many marketplaces not accepting it as currency at this time, Alphacard is the perfect intermediary to use Bitcoin funds for cashing out bitcoins in the fastest, simplest manner as the need arises. The card can be topped off with more bitcoin funds anytime. Likewise, an ATM withdrawal through the card can be performed as if one was using their own typical Visa debit card.

The card itself can be paid for in bitcoins and the card is activated automatically as soon as you load at least $200.

All of the transactions involving the card, including payments, withdrawals, and deposits, can be seen and monitored in the clean and intuitive online control panel. These are available 24/7 for the user to review.

If there are any questions regarding the card, its use, or the online tool for monitoring, Alphacard offers customer support that can be reached at https://alphacard.me/

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